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#149052 Custom javascript for add/edit forms

Posted by Jynxter on 06 March 2019 - 07:25 PM in Grocery CRUD Enterprise

Thank you for your solution. I'm not fluent enough with javascript to adequately use your code, but I appreciate sharing your solution.


It should be a simple 'add' or 'edit' page from /page/edit/1  or /page/add


the complexity required for this makes me regret going with GroceryCrud Enterprise, but I'm hoping to find solutions as I continue on.

#149040 Edit only Page in Enterprise Version (unset_back_to_list?)

Posted by Jynxter on 03 March 2019 - 03:08 PM in Grocery CRUD Enterprise

Hello all,

I'm trying to integrate GC enterprise into a new site i'm building in CI, but i'm having a hard time finding out how to replicate the functionality described here


using enterprise.


Basically I'm trying to have a user edit a single table entry directly without going through the crud list.

like http://site.local/myprofile/edit/2

where 2 is the userid in question.


I've been able to use the regular GC with unset_back_to_list(), but i'm trying to avoid having both GCs loaded in my project.

I dont see any unsetbacktolist function with enterprise, so was curious if anyone else is using enterprise in this manor, and how you did it.