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advice in choosing tools for the maint part of my app

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#1 richb201


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Posted 30 September 2017 - 02:23 PM

I am new to development (as of the last 10 years) so sorry for the newby question. I am writing an app that will allow a user to create an account, upload a list of email addresses (from a CSV) to a database, CRUD that list. I also need 2 other manually entered, short lists, and maintain them, CRUD them. And finally, a picklist  for a third list with the ability for users to also create their own entries. That's about it. I have another app which is a Chrome Extension that I wrote in javascript/jquery that will access the maint database via ajax that I have working. I am hoping to use MySQL and host it on Google's App Engine. 


I took a long time looking at backend languages and decided on PHP since it is very "C" like. Then I found CodeIgniter and I liked the idea of using MVC. Newby Alert: I have not coded even single CI section yet. Then I found Grocery Crud and thought to myself, "this could make things much easier". I have also looked at Bootstrap and thought "hey it would be really cool to use one of their THEMES" like the one with the tabs and put each one of those 3 grids on a different tab. Most of those Grids will just be a single column that a user can maintain. When the user logs off, I need to do some string manipulation and build a string and store it in the database. 


So the question is, since I am not married to any particular framework which should I use? Which fits best with my goals below? I like the idea of Grocery Crud Enterprise allowing for the use of any framework. My goals are  1) ease of learning 2) professional looking UI 3) easy integration with Enterprise Groc CRUD 4) support for a picklist. 


Any ideas?

#2 wildfandango



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Posted 19 October 2017 - 09:42 PM

I have 20 years of experience programming desktop applications, and three months ago I got "serious" with web programming, i had done things before but not too complex projects... php and some asp.
I saw and tried "many", frameworks before finishing using code igniter CI* with grocery crud enterprise. I'm not going to say that it's the best of the best, because in truth, there is so much variety of frameworks and solutions... that it is very complex to be objective comparing things that are very different ...
I doubted a lot... Angular or CodeIgniter? finally I decided for the last one (although Angular is incredible) what I liked of CI?:
Organize the project in MVC, organization and cleaning of the code.
For certain things CI reminded me of Python with very little code you do many things.
It is a compact, vivid, well documented and fast framework.
In my case the learning curve has been very fast (I will not say that it is "easy" to move from the desktop world to the web is ***** hard.... uses whatever you use)
I loved GROCERY it's amazing what you can do complex things with very few lines of code. My recommendation is... if you plan to use the enterprise version you start with it directly without going through the community.
GROCERY is not perfect and i miss many things, but it is a live project, which improves little by little and has saved me many hours of programming ... what better way to thank this.... than paying the modest cost of the enterprise version?.
Good Luck
In addition to Grocery and CI I use MPDF to generate reports and fullcalendar.

#3 larasmith


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Posted 23 October 2017 - 05:18 AM

Like @wildfandango I use CI too.


I also started using the community edition.


Best of Luck on your start @richb201!


Happy GCng!  :)  :)  :)

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