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#3354 How to add custom field in edit/add view that doesn't exist in database?

Posted waqar on 11 September 2012 - 12:01 PM


I added a field of amount with $crud->fields, I hid the fields of deposit and withdraw on add/edit form, displayed an input field for amount manually through a callback function, and then through another callback before insert I set the field values for deposit/withdraw and unset the amount field so it didn't cause issues with CRUD. Here's the updated code snippet, hope this helps someone :)

// Fields for add/edit form
   // Hide some fields from add/edit form from user
   // Required fields
   // Callbacks
   // Render Crud
   $output = $crud->render();

And the callback functions are as follows:
function amount_field_add_callback()
  return '<input type="text" maxlength="50" value="" name="amount">';

function amount_callback($post_array) {
  // category id
  $category_id = $post_array['category_id'];
  // get category type whether income or expense
  $category_type = $this->Transactions_model->get_category_type($category_id);
  // if type "income"
  if ($category_type->title == 'income') {
   // set deposit field
   $post_array['deposit'] = $post_array['amount'];
  } else { // else if type "expense"
   // set withdraw field
   $post_array['withdraw'] = $post_array['amount'];
  // Unset field of amount as that does not exist in database.
  //array_splice(1, count($post_array), $post_array['amount']);
  // return field variables with updated information for insertion
  return $post_array;


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