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to set_relation_n_n or not?

20 May 2013 - 01:23 AM

Hi Folks,


I'm in a dilemma - which way to go


The scenario


Table Items


Table Sales


I want to be able to bulk add items to a sale

with a relation table items-sales I can do this BUT and this is a BIG BUT!!


I DONT want to be able to select items that are already assigned to another sale

with set_relation_n_n.




I could set some constraints - and disallow  adding the sale item twice

but thats still confusing to the user - they would wonder why cant they add an item they select.

un selectable items should not be visible at all.


So I can use the mutiselct field and populate the array in a callback - but thats not the interface

users want - they want to be able to bulk-select items not add one at a time.


I guess I'm hinting at using functionality like that in get_relation_n_n_input




any suggestions??






Active / Inactive bit field on add

23 April 2013 - 07:44 AM

Ho folks,


I hope this hasn't been asked and answered - i've searched and found no solution.


I didn't spot this until after deployment.



Table has a bit field that is rendered as active /inactive

This field is set up as mandatory


on Add New record it default to active just fine - this is what I want and what is expected.

if - instead of "save and go back to list" i click 'Save', I am presented with a new record - as expected.

The default for the bit field is active - as expected.

When I click "save" on this I get error - the active field is mandatory.

I don't understand why nor can I track down why in the code.

I suspect jQuery is the culprit here but I haven't had time to track it down.


Has anyone else encountered this problem - if so - whats the fix??


I appreciate any help with this..






datebase column Comments as hints

18 April 2013 - 03:36 AM

This one was real easy folks - so I'll pass it on


Maybe someone will attach some JS or jQuery so they pop up or something??


anyhow this is how I did it, it was sooooo easy.



Create a custom GC MODEL


copy the code for




code from grocery_crud_model into it 


then make the following changes


function get_field_types_basic_table()
    	$db_field_types = array();
        //change this..
    	//foreach($this->db->query("SHOW COLUMNS FROM `{$this->table_name}`")->result() as $db_field_type)
        //to this
        foreach($this->db->query("SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `{$this->table_name}`")->result() as $db_field_type)
$db_field_types[$db_field_type->Field]['db_max_length'] = $length;
$db_field_types[$db_field_type->Field]['db_type'] = $db_type;
$db_field_types[$db_field_type->Field]['db_null'] = $db_field_type->Null == 'YES' ? true : false;
$db_field_types[$db_field_type->Field]['db_extra'] = $db_field_type->Extra;


add the following line


$db_field_types[$db_field_type->Field]['db_comment'] = $db_field_type->Comment;



Thats it - now just change your theme files edit.php and add.php


here's my change to /assets/grocerycrud/flexigrid/views/edit.php



            <div class='form-field-box <?php echo $even_odd?>' id="<?php echo $field->field_name; ?>_field_box">
                <div class='form-display-as-box' id="<?php echo $field->field_name; ?>_display_as_box">
                    <?php echo $input_fields[$field->field_name]->display_as?><?php echo ($input_fields[$field->field_name]->required)? "<span class='required'>*</span> " : ""?> :
                <div class='form-input-box' id="<?php echo $field->field_name; ?>_input_box">
                    <?php echo $input_fields[$field->field_name]->input?>
<?php // **********My Changes**************************************************************************** ?>
                    <div class='form_hint_box' id="<?php echo $field->field_name; ?>_hint_box">
                        <?php echo $input_fields[$field->field_name]->db_comment?>
<?php // ************************************************************************************** ?>

                <div class='clear'></div>    


I also added the following to flexigrid.css



    padding: 5px 5px;
    margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;    


Thats it - no go back and put nice comments into your mysql column definitions 

and you'll have them show up on the add & edit forms.

I'm sure the idea could be easily incorperated into core gc at which time I'm sure someone will come up with a language file mechanism for it too .







PS - sometimes code tags here in the forum throw some of the code outside them - dunno why??

Superfish Menu CI plugin

15 April 2013 - 06:42 AM


Hi Folks,


There is a new version - now with a breadcrumb trail!


I've create a new post and attached the new file.

Full documentation is inside the archive! 


Please note, I've UPDATED the code and commented on it here.


While not strictly grocerycrud  I'm sharing here in an effort to give back a little.


I needed a simple menu system and I've used the Superfish jquery library before.

I did merge it into the fuelcms menu but I wasnt happy with it.


This is simpler to use and really easy to get a good looking menu out of a few lines of code.


here's all you have to do to use the library (after you've installed as per the included instructions)




//make a shortcut to superfish 
$SuperFish=$this->superfish;  //the same name as the load->library statement

$SuperFish->set_menu_item('admin/usr_accounts','Administrative Tasks/Manage User Accounts',$active_item);
$SuperFish->set_menu_item('admin/site_man','Administrative Tasks/Perform Site Management Tasks',$active_item);




Note the change in my example - I made a small mistake  that Elgger picked up.  Thanks Elgger


the following is only necessary if you want to merge css and js with grocery crud



        //merge our includes 


        foreach ($arr as $key => $value){




        foreach ($arr as $key => $value){










I've updated the code. (The attached file has been modified to include the change)


To do a vanilla render :



$menu=$this->superfish->render(); //or if you made a shortcut like above




To render AND merge with crud output



$output=$this->menu->renderToCrud($output);//or if you made a shortcut like above



and in your template , if you've done the above merge :



<?php print $menu; ?>



Feedback is welcome but so is maintenance - if its broke feel free to fix it

if you need help just ask


Hope its useful to someone





BUG $crud->set_subject("Image for {$Type} Item : '...

11 April 2013 - 12:44 AM


Hi folks,


Sorry Boss - I found a little one - urgency very low but ...


its a bug


a line like this :




$crud->set_subject("Image for {$Type} Item : '{$CatName}'");



will break the jquery


when you set the javascript vars the embedded quote breaks stuff.

not a big problem but its there.


Have to mod the line like this :




 $crud->set_subject("Image for {$Type} Item : {$CatName}");