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callback_after_update + condition + $post_array

30 September 2013 - 10:25 PM



I have a problem evaluating a condition. I have if((empty($post_array['Date_Deb'])) && ($post_array['Etat'] == '3')) as condition and Date_Deb is being updated even if Date_Deb is NOT empty.

The second part of the condition is evaluated correctly. If Etat is not equal to 3, Date_Deb is not updated.

You can see my code below.

Note that Date_Deb is set as a read only field but removing that constraint don't change anything. It seems GC is seeing $post_array['Date_Deb'] on update even if it had been previously filled in using the function.


Can you tell me what is wrong please?

function st3() {
                  $crud = new grocery_CRUD();
            $crud->columns('ID','Nom_agt','Date_Rem','Date_Deb', 'Etat');
            $crud->fields('Nom_agt','Date_Rem','Date_Deb', 'Etat');
            $crud->edit_fields('Nom_agt','Date_Deb', 'Etat');
           $crud->field_type('Date_Deb', 'readonly');
            $crud->callback_after_update(array($this, 'update_date_debriefe'));
            $output = $crud->render();
function update_date_debriefe($post_array,$primary_key)
if((empty($post_array['Date_Deb'])) && ($post_array['Etat'] == '3'))  {
    $date_debriefe = array("ID" => $primary_key,"Date_Deb" => date('2013-07-01'));
    $this->db->update('t3',$date_debriefe,array('ID' => $primary_key));
   return true;

Change row color based on value

20 September 2013 - 11:47 PM

Hello all,


New to grocery CRUD and i wish to do some color rendering.

I have a column which contain a date and i need the text or background to be in red if 72 hours have passed. I have done some search on google and on this forum but haven't found anything clear enough for me to understand.

I think i may need to use callback but no clue how to change color with it.

Can someone explan it to me or give some hints?


Newbie programmer, bear with me please :)

Your help is greatly appreciated on this issue.