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Uploading Video File fails on remote server

22 October 2013 - 09:28 AM



I am new user of CI, my project was to develop a site, in which the videos are uploaded from admin panel...i used grocery crud (version 1.4.1) for uploading videos....that is working perfectly on my local machine but on remote server it fails,the field of uploading file disappears when video file reaches 100%, Please help me in this regard....i can provide more details and code also if needed.


1 - i changed the permission on remote in the directory where i am uploading the videos, the permissions set to 777 now,


2 - in    C:\wamp\www\application\config\grocery_crud.php  i also made changes on remote server as $config['grocery_crud_file_upload_max_file_size'] = '1024MB';.


3- i made changes in php.ini file, on local machine, but don't find any file on server like php.ini


4 -  the videos in flv and mp4 format which i am going to upload




Thanks in advance