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How to use forms?

11 November 2013 - 07:01 PM

Hi guys,


I am beginner in Grocery CRUD and code igniter too and even following precisely the instruction to install and use it I have met the following issue:


when I add to my controller one of the following functions:


  • edit_fields()
  • add_fields()
  • delete()


Well, when I click in Add Client or Edit it happens;

404 Page Not Found

and my URL change too http://localhost/Cod...4/index.php/add


I try the following: create a paste "add" and create index inside with " $crud->add_field('name','age'); " the form appears, but when i try save appears that it is not possible..

And with Edit the URL change " http://localhost/Cod...ndex.php/edit/1 " this 1 is a ID, So, will not work..


Well, As you saw, I am not able to use the forms of GroceryCRUD


Can anyone help me?


Sorry for my bad english.


Thank you.