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Flexgrid not rendering correctly on host server

09 October 2014 - 12:01 AM

Hello, I need help with implimenting GroceryCRUD on my hosts linux/apache server, as the image below shows that CSS, Javascript..etc, isn't rendering the grid & the action buttons are missing.





however, on my local PC it looks & works perfectly.




Thanks Chris

Installation Path Issues - Real Newbie Question

30 September 2014 - 09:17 AM

My apologies at the outset, this is my 1st post, and I'm new to php/html/css..etc development. I really need help with paths(I think). On my local development PC, I did implement Grocery CRUD successfully into my existing project(not new), & it works beautifully. However, when I migrate to my Hosts server it doesn't. I suspect I have an issue with the fact that GroceryCRUD uses a file named index.php in the folder above my public_html folder & off course public_html also has a file named index.php(my existing project)? 


My folder structureon both my local PC & Host Server

–––– application/
–––––––– config/
–––––––––––– autoload.php
–––––––––––– ...
–––––––––––– doctypes.php
–––––––––––– foreign_chars.php
–––––––––––– grocery_crud.php
–––––––––––– ...
–––––––– controllers/
–––––––––––– examples.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––––––– welcome.php
–––––––– libraries/
–––––––––––– grocery_crud.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––– models/
–––––––––––– grocery_crud_model.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––– views/
–––––––––––– example.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––––––– welcome_message.php

–––––––––––– my_template.php
–––– assets/
–––––––– grocery_crud/
–––––––––––– css/
–––––––––––– js/
–––––––––––– texteditor/
–––––––––––– themes/
–––––––– uploads/
–––––––– index.html
–––– system/
–––– user_guide/
–––– change_log.txt
–––– example_database.sql
–––– index.php
–––– licence-grocery-crud.txt
–––– license.txt

–––– public_html/











when I click a link on my webpage to go to the CRUD http://domain.net/index.php/main/users  
the browser displays the HTML (no CSS) of the home page URL of my "domain.net"
What am I missing? Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks Chris