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Populate a dropdown based on another dropdown

27 February 2017 - 06:46 PM

I have an application that allows users to upload media assets and put them in categories and subcategories.


Currently if I select a category, it shows all the subcategories available. I want to have the first dropdown (categories) determine what is shown in the second dropdown (subcategories). 


I have two relations set up already to display the category and subcategory names.


Here is what I am using to display the table.

$subject = 'creative library Assets';

        $this->crud->field_type('date_added', 'hidden');
        $this->crud->field_type('date_added', 'hidden');
        $this->crud->field_type('date_modified', 'hidden');
         $this->_render($subject, 'creative_library');

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.