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Running CGE 2.8.2 on CI4

30 July 2020 - 08:16 PM

Trying to run my existing CGE 2x on CI3.1* and trying to update to CI4, with GCE 2.8.2...   GCE install instructions (https://www.groceryc...4-installation/) are completely wrong - there aren't /examples, /libraries, etc. folders except within sub-folders. Do I simply "find" those deeper folders and replace them based on the GCE docs?  GCE could be great but they (Johnny) missed the key features and focused on "marketability" instead of developer first.


I'll figure this out on my own... cant rely on this community to be honest.


Thanks anyway,


Is this possilbe?

26 July 2020 - 07:46 PM

I've not seen this issue in other frameworks, but can GCE simply show all dates (regardless of grid, add/edit/clone form or other GCE views) as a single format?  seems like this should be pretty simple, but stupid me can't find a way, help!  I understand that many apps need to be configured for multi-date situations, but that should negate the simplicity of local dates.


If so, how in GCE?  I can use "add" callbacks to format the default values, format values in the "add" callback, but the "edit", as well as "clone" callbacks simply hang and don't work as other framework experiences.


I'm sure this is a simple fix for me, can anyone help?  Simply want to use 'us_date' for this entire app, rather no "callbacks" or other "twists", can CGE do this?



Naming conventions and references...

10 July 2020 - 10:15 PM

I'm new to GC (Ent) but what I find when looking for answers to the many issues I deal with in GCEnt, I get many "variations" for the app structure and module names, e.g. grud-enterprise.php, grud_enterprise.php, grocery_crud.php.... etc.  is there a guideline document that clearly (clearly, not the original developers view) that describes the true name conventions of the dir structure, file names, etc. for each "version"?  


I'm trying to fix a simple date display problem in GCEnt but so many version of different files I need to "check" and "fix"... a basic reference/naming authority for GCEnt is sorely needed.  I've enjoyed learning GCEnt but would never use it in client production simpy because the docs are so weak.


Hopefully someone can help restore my faith in this product.



GCEnt Dates

10 July 2020 - 10:05 PM

GCEnt Dates - why so strange?


First the GCEnt installed a "gcrud-enterprise.php" and a "gcrud_enterprise.php" ("dash" and "underscore".)  The former (dash) does not have a reference to "date" settings, the later (underscore) "gcrud_enterprise.php" has...


 // There are only three choices: "uk-date" (dd/mm/yyyy), "us-date" (mm/dd/yyyy) or "sql-date" (yyyy-mm-dd)
    'date_format' => 'us-date',

referring to date settings.  I'm looking for "us-date" across my entire application, in this case. 


Which lets me set the GLOBAL (GCEnt GLOBAL) date/time display without the need for a bunch of "callbacks" to restate my preferred format?



Date displays inGCEnt

10 July 2020 - 09:17 PM

Why are displaying dates so wacked in GCEnt?  I store a DATETIME in mySQL and then GCEnt I have to write callbacks for every date filed to get to to display correctly - correctly only means ONE format (m-d-Y) in my case, yet I need callbackColumn(), callbackAddField(), callbackEditField(), callbackCloneFiled()... etc.  There has be a way in GCEnt to store a DATETIME in a db and display it based on a system setting - not a localization setting (which is ok for some fields, if it works.) 


There is only one Date/Time, who cares how its "saved" within standards, but display is consistently wihtin GCEnt!


Please? How?