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In Topic: A Multi - MultiUpload

13 November 2020 - 01:52 AM

hi Amit,


 i am getting error on constructor in uploader class


 <?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Uploader extends CI_Controller {
    protected $path_to_uploade_function = 'admin/uploader/multi_uploade'// path to function. 
    private $files = array();
    protected $default_css_path = 'assets/styles/';
    protected $default_javascript_path = 'assets/scripts/';
    protected $path_to_directory = 'assets/myindia/articles/photos/';
    // table description
    protected $file_table = 'article_photos';
    protected $category_id_field = 'article_id';
    protected $file_name_field = 'photo';
    protected $primary_key = 'id';
    protected $allowed_types = 'gif|jpeg|jpg|png';

    function __construct() {


i am actually trying to integrate this functionality into one of my project, please help me.


here is the error i get

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: Error

Message: Call to a member function helper() on null

Filename: D:\xampp\htdocs\1hibachachuwork\admin\system\libraries\Form_validation.php

Line Number: 147


File: D:\xampp\htdocs\1hibachachuwork\admin\application\controllers\uploaders\uploader.php
Line: 17
Function: __construct

File: D:\xampp\htdocs\1hibachachuwork\admin\application\controllers\uploaders\artists_photo_uploader.php
Line: 19
Function: __construct

File: D:\xampp\htdocs\1hibachachuwork\admin\application\controllers\Admin.php
Line: 73
Function: __construct

File: D:\xampp\htdocs\1hibachachuwork\admin\index.php
Line: 315
Function: require_once