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In Topic: Show all action buttons

10 September 2020 - 01:27 PM

Is possible show all button, not group under more button, i have one view wth many actions

Is possible show action column at the end, like in datatables comunity theme??

Thanks in advance


I am glad to announce you that the latest grocery CRUD Enterprise (v 2.8.3) has the ability to configure the buttons that you would like to show on actions. You can download the latest code from here: https://www.groceryc..._latest_version

In order to enable the functionality to have all the action buttons you just need to change your configuration. For example for Codeigniter 4 go to app/Config/GroceryCrudEnterprise.php and change the configuration max_action_buttons to:

'max_action_buttons' => [
                'mobile' => 100,
                'desktop' => 100

Let me know if this worked for you :) 



In Topic: The requested package grocerycrud/enterprise could not be found

19 August 2020 - 05:42 AM

Hello @Ghadeer,


As grocery CRUD Enterprise is not publicly available you should first follow the following steps:

Step 1. Download the version for composer. For example go to: https://www.grocerycrud.com/users/enterprise_latest_version

and download the button that says "With composer 2.8.2"

Step 2. Create a new folder with name "artifacts" and add the zip file as it is (without extracting it)

Step 3. Open your composer.json file and add the following: 


"repositories": [
"type": "artifact",
"url": "artifacts/"



"grocerycrud/enterprise": "2.*.*"

at the "require" section


Step 4. Do a "composer update"

Now you should have the enterprise installed with composer.

Let me know if that worked for you.




In Topic: load-grocery-crud.js not found

15 August 2020 - 02:51 PM

why i cant find the grocery-crud-enterprise-v2.3.7.zip ?

and how i can find it ?


Hello @Ghadeer,


Why would you need specifically this very old version?

In case you were confused from the documentation here: https://www.groceryc...el-installation I've just updated the versions there in case someone else has been confused with the example.


Also I will probably have an updated documentation for Laravel v7 but have in mind that the installation logic is the same.




In Topic: How to Multi Grid Grocery CRUD Enterprise

11 August 2020 - 08:28 PM

Can anybody give examples to multi grid in grocery crud enterprise?


Hello @indra,


You can find an example for multi grid Grocery CRUD Enterprise here: https://www.groceryc...multiple-grids/



In Topic: Running CGE 2.8.2 on CI4

11 August 2020 - 08:24 PM

Trying to run my existing CGE 2x on CI3.1* and trying to update to CI4, with GCE 2.8.2...   GCE install instructions (https://www.groceryc...4-installation/) are completely wrong - there aren't /examples, /libraries, etc. folders except within sub-folders. Do I simply "find" those deeper folders and replace them based on the GCE docs?  GCE could be great but they (Johnny) missed the key features and focused on "marketability" instead of developer first.


I'll figure this out on my own... cant rely on this community to be honest.


Thanks anyway,


Hello @rkrajnik and I am sorry that you've experienced it that way,


The page: https://www.groceryc...4-installation/ is pretty new and it may need improvement so any feedback will be helpful. For example which is the step that you were struggling mostly with? Also please have in mind that for that specific reason I have a full working code with Codeigniter 4 included that you can download from here: https://www.groceryc..._latest_version (choose the option with Codeigniter V4) and see the specific folder structure that I am suggesting you to have.

I hope it helped.