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How to upgrade Grocery CRUD Enterprise on Codeigniter framework?

26 June 2019 - 10:40 AM

As I am getting this question a lot and this is not documented anywhere, I will temporary provide the information of how to upgrade Grocery CRUD Enterprise when you are using Codeigniter framework.


In short you will need to copy the below folders to upgrade (click to the image): 

Screenshot from 2019-06-26 13-41-39.png



A more detailed version of the upgrade can be found below with steps:


First of all make sure that you've installed Grocery CRUD Enterprise from the following video tutorial: https://youtu.be/FC54Db7LOG0

Now for the upgrade you will basically need:

Step 1. Go to: https://www.groceryc..._latest_version and download with the button that says "With Codeigniter". For example currently that the latest version is the 2.7.6 you will need to download it with the button: "With Codeigniter 2.7.6"

Step 2. Unzip the downloaded zip file and go to: grocery-crud-demo

Step 3. Copy the assets folder to your project. You will probably get a notification that the assets folder already exist then press "Merge" if there is a notification

Step 4. Go to application folder and copy the folder libraries to your application/libraries. You will probably get a notification that the libraries folder already exist then press "Merge" if there is such a notification

This is actually it! You now have upgraded Grocery CRUD Enterprise :)


In some cases if you need to see some new configurations also check the configuration from the file: grocery-crud-demo/application/config/gcrud-enteprise.php


For example the latest version has two new configurations:

    // If open_in_modal is true then all the form operations (e.g. add, edit, clone... e.t.c.) will
    // open within a modal and we will have the datagrid on the background.
    // In case you would like however to have a standalone page for all the form operations change this to false.
    'open_in_modal' => true,

    // This is the hash symbol (#) that we have at the URL in order to have tha basic operations in the URL so you
    // can navigate back to the URL that you were. For example, when you click at edit form for the id 46, the
    // URL will also change to #/edit/46 so you can also share the link.
    // In case you would like to switch this functionality to off change this to false.
    'hash_in_url' => true,

Keep in mind that even if you don't get the latest configs Grocery CRUD Enterprise IS backward compatible as it is something very common that people are not updating their configurations