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In Topic: Ajax Pagination/Search with Datatables Theme

04 March 2013 - 12:45 PM

Having read your responses a second time, I think it may be your excessive use of exclamation marks which changes what you're trying to say into what I feel is a very condescending, aggressive and sarcastic manner.

As my first post on this forum, asking a question, (having already checked all release note, other threads and documentation), I can't say that your responses do anything for the community.

By not reading the question then simply stating that you don't have time to, says to me that you shouldn't be trying to help in the first place as by not reading the question and giving an incorrect answer just confuses the matter further.

If there is anyone else who might be able to direct me to more of a grocery crud oriented solution then I would be truly greatful.

I do not wish to cause any trouble or come across ungrateful but the answers I have had so far are either wrong un repetition of my own question


In Topic: Ajax Pagination/Search with Datatables Theme

04 March 2013 - 10:28 AM

Thats the link i gave in the first post?! I assume you didnt read my initial post very well, as clearly that hasnt helped me which is why i asked if anyone else had done it or could offer help.


Your initial response clearly shows you had not read my question properly and now your second response is the same??


I figured i would ask the Grocery crud community as i can only see how this would further enhance what is already a great library.

In Topic: Ajax Pagination/Search with Datatables Theme

03 March 2013 - 03:12 PM

Thats not ajax server server side pagination though? on the example you link to, all data is retrieved on page load and its just javascript being used to do the pagination and search.


When paging is enabled in the config for flexgrid then true ajax serverside pagination and search is enabled - meaning the data you see on screen is the only data retrieved from the database, then if search is performed or the next page button clicked, another query is run and that data is then retrieved.


What i am trying to do is get the datatables theme with proper serverside scriping to speed up the initial page load as with 15k of records being retrieved on page load, it takes a while.


Any suggestions?