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Ajax Pagination/Search with Datatables Theme

02 March 2013 - 10:30 AM

Hi All,


Im just getting to grips with the use of Grocery Crud and I'm finding it to be a real amazing thing to work with. However, I'm using the twitter bootstrap css framework and find the datatables theme suits the style much better than flexigrid.


My only problem seems to be that the datatables theme doesnt seem to support ajax pagination/search/server-side processing.


the datadables.net site appears to support it ok



I obviously realise its a little more complecated than just because the above has it then so should GroceryCrud too. i's there any help, guids or information i might be able to get to get it into the Datatables theme?


Once again, may I repeat how great GroceryCrud is!


All the best, Rad