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Update issues with relation_n_n & newb questions

17 June 2013 - 06:52 AM

Hi! Everyone,


Let me take this opportunity to thank Grocery Crud developers, it has simplified life of programmers for sure.


Thank you.




If we refer to example for set_relation_n_n given in the documentation

(http://www.grocerycr...et_relation_n_n), the three tables film, film_actor and actor. Lets add one column to film_actor let say nick_name ( nick name of the actor in that particular film).



1. I want to insert to film_actor not only the relationship keys but also nick_name.


2. I hear this is for back end, is there a problem if someone controls the access to actions and use it in front end?


3. Is it possible to output data from custom model in themes (databases/flexigrid)?


Replies with code snippets and/or examples will be appreciated.


Thank you all in advance.