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Take values from other table

28 March 2014 - 03:36 PM

First of all hi too everybody :)
Well i'm new with codeigniter and Grocery CRUD and i have a question about changing the edit form. 
I have this database: 
idPerson (PK)
idPlace  (FK)
idPlance (PK)
idSchool  (FK)
idfloor  (FK)
idSchool (PK) (FK)
idfloor (PK)  (FK)
idfloor  (PK)
floor name
idschool  (PK)
Explanation of DB: A person can have one place. A Place must be from some school and some school floor (this relation about floor and school is in the table floor_school)
Well the thing is that i want to show the list of all persons and allow the user to assign them a place or not. 
To reach that i make 
$crud = new grocery_CRUD();
$crud->set_relation('idplace', 'place', '{place_name} - {idSchool}');
The thing is that it will be ideal to show the place name and instead of showing the school id show the actual school name from the table school. 
I now that this is a join from person -> place -> floor_school -> school but i think its not possible to relate those tables.
Someone can give me a hint to do this? 
Other option will be to call a different view when you click the add and edit button, is that possible? I mean when i click those buttons show the user a form created by me. I don't know if with jquery i could make the trick...