Change logs


  • #1 - Doesn't work in internet explorer browser.
  • Allow only images to upload


  • Added jQuery Colorbox plugin instead of Fancybox.
  • Updating jQuery to v1.8.2 and custom jQuery UI to v1.9.0.
  • Unset Upload functionality.
  • Unset Delete functionality.
  • Multilingual functionality.
  • Title functionality for each photo with quick edit.
  • #3 - Generate thumbnails for existing images.
  • #2 - Allow different primary keys than "id".

v.0.5 BETA

  • Multiple selection of photos to upload the same time
  • Auto thumbnail croping
  • Auto croping for max size image (800px X 600px max)
  • Reordering the photos after the upload
  • Delete image
  • Auto renaming special characters
  • Adding a relation and automatically adding id from the url