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John Skoumbourdis
Author of grocery CRUD and image CRUD

Web Developer and computer geek since 12 years old. In the world of web I know almost every technology that is needed to create a stable website or a web application system. I am more familiar with PHP, Codeigniter and Zend Framework. Moreover I know many other programming technologies such as Java, .NET and RoR.

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  • Contributors
    I want first of all to thank all the people who really help for the improvement of grocery CRUD especially from the forums of the website. More specific below you will find a list of contributors:
  • Sergey Noskov - contributor of grocery CRUD and image CRUD

    Sergey Noskov is a Web Developer that loves coding and he really helped the fast improvement of grocery CRUD. Especially with helping in forum but also by contribution coding.
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  • Basic Donators:
    • Emiliano Morosati