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Bootstrap Theme

Simply the best theme for Grocery CRUD

Only some of the features of bootstrap theme for grocery CRUD:
Faster than ever by introducing the production mode
No extra configurations required. It just works!
Multiple delete functionality with checkboxes
Multiple search functionality
Smooth animations are making the usability a more pleasant experience
Full width grid for better usability
Usability looks familiar... even at the first time
Mobile/Tablet compatibility with an amazing responsive design
Beautiful and elite design from Bootstrap 3 for really professional websites

Simplicity you will love

within any device...

Install Bootstrap Theme in few minutes

See how easy it is to install your theme

Video Tutorial
Not Sure about something?
Grocery CRUD is a PHP library that works on top of Codeigniter framework. It doesn't require too much knowledge of PHP or Codeigniter to use it. Grocery CRUD can also be used by newcomers as it is easy to use. Just few simple lines of code and you can start creating a full functional CRUD (with all the Javascript, CSS, views included) for your project. If you are not sure where to start with, I would suggest to read the tutorial of Your first CRUD with grocery CRUD and/or see the quick video installation guide
Once your purchase is done, your will receive an email from PayPal and an email from grocery CRUD with a URL to download the bootstrap theme. Normally this will happen instantly. However, sometimes the email can take up to 1 hour to be delivered. If you still haven't received our email, check your spam folder or if you still have issues please send an email to and we will figure it out.
You are getting a fully working theme but without grocery CRUD or Codeigniter. Have in mind that you are getting only the theme which can be easily installed to your project following the steps of this tutorial. If you haven't worked on Codeignter or Grocery CRUD before, then it would be better to become familiar with grocery CRUD before you buy the theme. So, make sure that you've already installed grocery CRUD in your project and you are happy with all the functionality that grocery CRUD provides.

Bootstrap theme has some additional functionalities such as multiple search, multiple deletion of files e.t.c. but keep in mind that the grocery CRUD Core remains the same. This means that if you are not satisfied with the main features of grocery CRUD (e.g. you don't like the way the set_relation is working), don't expect this to have changed in the bootstrap theme.
There is not currently any purchased support but I will try to answer all of your questions :)

Please have in mind that since I am just one person it may take me a while to answer. The answers are for free and hopefully worth waiting for. So please be patient... :)
No project is perfect and all might at some point have bugs. Grocery CRUD is not an exception. Below you can see a list of the known issues so far. This project is active so we are trying to solve as many issues as possible:

  • #23: when callback_before_delete returns false an error message doesn't appear on the page
Yes. At the demo we always have the latest version of the theme that we will send to you. So if you like it... what you see is what you get :)
We did notice that in some cases the "more button" didn't work for some projects. If you are experiencing the same issue, below you can see the steps of how to solve this:

First of all, you will need to download the latest grocery CRUD version 1.5.4, as the unset_bootstrap function is only available in version 1.5.1 or later. Once you have downloaded the latest grocery CRUD and installed it to your project you will need to add the below line of code:
with the above one line of code you are actually removing the calls for:

So if you already have the bootstrap javascript libraries and the bootstrap CSS to your website template then you will not have any issues.

You can also do the same thing for jquery. So by simpy having:
you can remove the call of the jquery from grocery CRUD.
Don't be shy! Just send your question at and we will reply asap :)

From the Author of grocery CRUD, themes created with

Purchasing a Bootstrap theme is like donating grocery CRUD

Bootstrap V4 Theme (newest CSS)

Bootstrap V4 is still in beta version so you need to be aware that some CSS class names may change at the future.

Reasons to buy the version 4:

  • You are using a latest template that is using the bootstrap V4 (e.g. Elite Admin) and it is required to have the bootstrap version 4.
  • You have all the latest plugins/frameworks at your project and you are not afraid to use beta versions to your project as you know that at the future (e.g. at the official release) you will have less work to do for an update.
  • You really just like the simplicity that V4 has.
  • You would like to get some experience with bootstrap V4 before the official release to learn more about it.

Notice 1: The JavaScript of the bootstrap V4 is stable enough (you can also test it at the demo page) to use it on a production environment. You will need to make sure however that the project is tested in multiple browsers to prevent unexpected issues with the CSS (because of the nature of an alpha version)

Bootstrap V3 Theme (recommended)

Bootstrap V3 is simply the latest stable release of twitter bootstrap that we all know.

Reasons to buy the version 3:

  • Your template is using Bootstrap version 3 (e.g. Metronic Theme).
  • You would like a more stable CSS framework with a complete documentation and examples all over the internet.
  • You have more experience or you are more familiar with Bootstrap V3 and you don't want to have unexpected issues at your project.
  • You really just like the flexibility that Bootstrap V3 has.
  • You would like to skin your table (e.g. with bootswatch).