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Why donate money?

grocery CRUD is completely free of cost and doesn't generate any direct sort of income. It is funded by advertising, sponsoring, the bootstrap theme and donations. In addition, it is financially supported by the developer of the project. His main ambition is to create a complete CRUD system that can make our life easier and to avoid repeating the same code again and again.

How is the money used?

  • To pay for the hosting and bandwidth used by this site.
  • To allow developer time for support and maintenance of code, particularly in the forums on this site.
  • For the addition of new features and core improvements of grocery CRUD.
  • To create new plugins and add-ons (such as Image CRUD and Codeigniter Simplicity)

The goal is to get to the stage where the staff behind grocery CRUD isn't just giving some spare time, but is paid and committed to work solely on the project, not just as a hobby but also as a full time job.

How much should you give?

The donations we receive range from a single dollar to a couple of hundreds. The important thing for people is to give something, and for us it's to generate the income that will let us work and succeed on this project, month after month. If you want to see grocery CRUD grow big, and if you can do so, please make a donation to the project and encourage others to do so.

How can I know that I have donated to the right person?

To just to ensure that you donate to the right person, the donations goes to the paypal user and a not automatically thank you will be received after the donation from this email (it usually takes 1-3 days to send you back).

Choose your currency to donate

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Below you can see a list of donators for grocery CRUD project: