How to install a new theme

To install a new theme it is fairly easy. Usually the theme is in a folder structure to just copy it to your project. For example Bootstrap theme has the below folder structure:

––– grocery_crud/
––––––– themes/
––––––––––– bootstrap/
–––––––––––––––– css
–––––––––––––––– fonts
–––––––––––––––– images
–––––––––––––––– index.html
–––––––––––––––– js
–––––––––––––––– ...

So you just need to copy the folders into your already existing codeigniter and grocery CRUD project. If you don't know how to install grocery CRUD to your project then you can see installation guide for grocery CRUD

Once you actually copy the folder to your project the bootstrap theme is installed.

Note: Be aware that the bootstrap theme is mobile and tablet compatible so you will need to add the below code at the tags in your template in order to make it work for mobile and tablet devices:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />

If you already done that, the only remaining thing that you need to do is to set the theme. You can do that with the below code:

$crud = new grocery_CRUD();
For example the below code:
public function bootstrap_theme() 
$crud = new grocery_CRUD();
$crud->set_subject('Customer', 'Customers'); 
$crud->display_as('salesRepEmployeeNumber','from Employeer')
            ->display_as('contactLastName','Last Name');
$output = $crud->render();

will give the below results. It is that simple! You don't need to configure anything else in order to make it work

Note: The below example is an iframe so it might appeared with a scroll bar. If you like you can view the example on a new tab