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Installation for Codeigniter

Also available in Russian and French

The installation is really easy. You just copy all the files to your project and you are ready to use grocery CRUD.

By the end of the installation, your file structure should look similar to this (the below structure is the default unchanged folders/files of codeigniter):

–––– application/
–––––––– config/
–––––––––––– autoload.php
–––––––––––– ...
–––––––––––– doctypes.php
–––––––––––– foreign_chars.php
–––––––––––– grocery_crud.php
–––––––––––– ...
–––––––– controllers/
–––––––––––– examples.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––––––– welcome.php
–––––––– libraries/
–––––––––––– grocery_crud.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––– models/
–––––––––––– grocery_crud_model.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––– views/
–––––––––––– example.php
–––––––––––– index.html
–––––––––––– welcome_message.php
–––– assets/
–––––––– grocery_crud/
–––––––––––– css/
–––––––––––– js/
–––––––––––– texteditor/
–––––––––––– themes/
–––––––– uploads/
–––––––– index.html
–––– system/
–––– user_guide/
–––– change_log.txt
–––– example_database.sql
–––– index.php
–––– licence-grocery-crud.txt
–––– license.txt

Below I have an example of how a controller will look like this:

The only required libraries are to connect with the database (that we usually have it as auto-load library) and the url helper.

The variable $output is an object that always includes the following properties - output, js_files, css_files. Below you see an example of a print_r of a variable $output

stdClass Object
[output] => Your output will appear here....
[js_files] => Array
[763b4d272e158bdb8ed5a12a1824c94f494954bd] => http://grocery_crud/public/grocery_crud/themes/datatables/js/jquery-1.6.2.min.js
[0b677f3fc6fb25b4baf39eb144222116c5b60254] => http://grocery_crud/public/grocery_crud/themes/flexigrid/js/cookies.js
[ec3ae62b8d5838972e858fe54447bd4bd8d79f88] => http://grocery_crud/public/grocery_crud/themes/flexigrid/js/flexigrid.js
[2c0ff56d0cbc6f80a5ef9c770d478f0e00c3170d] => http://grocery_crud/public/grocery_crud/themes/flexigrid/js/jquery.form.js
[474495ff1e895eab81fb8afba4db9b06c15b19af] => http://grocery_crud/public/grocery_crud/themes/flexigrid/js/jquery.numeric.js

[css_files] => Array
[732b03aa54d124f062757b71e5560acdc5632ba6] => http://grocery_crud/public/grocery_crud/themes/flexigrid/css/flexigrid.css


The view example.php that is a simple Codeigniter view file and includes the below code:

That's it! You can now celebrate that you can use the power of grocery CRUD in your project. Continue with the examples or go straight to the methods/functions of grocery CRUD library

Doesn't work?. Then also check the most simplified version of the documentation newbies grocery CRUD installation guide or the video Common mistakes when we install Grocery CRUD (part 1)

In addition, you can check the known issues or you can find the answer at grocery CRUD forum. Still you can't install it? Send us a message at support form and we will answer you as soon as possible.