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Known issues

Below you will find some common issues and bugs that of course we try to fix them ASAP. Its good to check this list if you have any problem with the library.
  • Not working with $db['default']['dbprefix'].
  • set_relation and callback_column doesn't work the same time for the same field name. You can find a work around for this.
  • Not working with $config['url_suffix']. See the work around for this kind of issue.
  • Only works with MYSQL and MYSQLi database.
  • You can't combine set_relation_n_n and required fields validation at the same field.
  • By using callback_column the search for that column is not possible.
  • In some cases, grocery CRUD doesn't work with the index function of the controller. To avoid these kind of issues just move your code to another function.
  • Search doesn't work as expected for date fields. As a workaround you can only search with date format: YYYY-mm-dd for example 2017-04-22. For more about the workaround of updates for this issue you can find here: #447

For more issues you can also visit grocery CRUD issues at Github.