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Grocery CRUD Enterprise

In simple terms the below code:

$crud->setSubject('Customer', 'Customers');

$output = $crud->render();

is magically transformed to:

Why Grocery CRUD Enterprise is so awesome?

Few lines of Awesomeness

Be the cool guy at your company as you will need only few lines of code and you can create a full stable CRUD for any framework with almost any database.

Yes! ANY PHP framework

Migrate now Grocery CRUD to your already existing PHP project without the limitation of the framework. Grocery CRUD Enterprise is also compatible with Laravel Framework (the most famous PHP Framework out there)

No need to refresh the page!

No need to load again the JavaScript or CSS files as all the operations are loaded through AJAX calls. Give a boost to your productivity by fast opening of the forms with the power of the VirtualDOM of reactJS.

Did someone say fast?

Grocery CRUD Enterprise is now faster than ever with optimized JavaScript, production mode and dynamic caching for database calls. Don't just take our word for it! Check out the demo to see by your own!

Implemention like a game

The implementation is so easy it will seem like a game. Use the simplest approach for your CRUD and create a full CRUD in literally seconds. See the 40 second challenge video without a copy-paste!

Usability that you will love

Your customers already know how to use it even without a tutorial!

Choose your favorite way to install Grocery CRUD Enterprise

 From the documentation

 From video tutorials

The built-in libraries make the difference

Zend Framework 2

You have questions? We have answers!

Grocery CRUD Enterprise is a PHP library that with simple lines of code will produce a whole CRUD functionality. In case you are still confused, in simple words this includes:

  • The datagrid (table data) of our basic table in the database. This also includes ordering, searching... e.t.c.
  • Insert form
  • Update form
  • Read only form
  • Export filtered data in xls file
  • Print filtered data

The functionalities that grocery CRUD Enterprise offers are plenty but the most important fact is that the final output is a full working functionality ready for production environments without any extra changes. That simply means that literally in few seconds you can have a full working CRUD with nice design (based on Bootstrap v3 and Bootstrap V4) and without the need to copy all the CSS and JS files again and again as we normally do when we create a CRUD. The code is also optimized for fastest performance in the backend and frontend.

Grocery CRUD Enterprise is a version that was created completely from scratch with the simplicity of Grocery CRUD community in mind. The main differences that you will see straight away are:

  • It is framework agnostic. That simply means that Grocery CRUD Enterprise can work in any PHP framework and of course with native PHP as well. We have also tested that the CRUD is working just fine and smoothly at the below frameworks:
    • Codeigniter
    • Laravel
    • Slim
    • Zend Framework
    • Symfony
    • Native PHP (with just composer installation)
  • Grocery CRUD Enterprise can be used for other databases (not only mySQL) such as: Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL... e.t.c. For more check ZendDb 2 adapter
  • Faster usability. All the requests are now with AJAX calls and you can feel the difference straight away just from the demo.
  • Multiple datagrid functionality at one page.
  • The frontend section is now completely separated from the backend section with API calls. That gives many benefits such as:
    • Ability to cache your initial call in production
    • Ability to cache all of your frontend sections (e.g. with CDN, use memcache,... e.t.c.)
    • You can use YOUR OWN API and still have the same usability for the end user.

We did try very hard to migrate all of the documented functions to Grocery CRUD Enterprise. The most of the functions are migrated to Grocery CRUD Enterprise, however there are some that they aren't! For more see the FAQ question below "I am updating from Grocery CRUD community to enterprise version. What should I need to know?"

If you are updating from Grocery CRUD community you will first need to know that almost all the functions has been renamed and some of them are removed. Soon at this page there will be a detailed page of how the functions are renamed. Till then have in mind that the most of the functions are renamed as camel case functions. For example instead of: set_table, the function is renamed to setTable. Before buying Grocery CRUD Enterprise, we would suggest to have a look at the API and functions list page to see if there is a functionality that you were expecting to be there and it is not!

If you are already in Codeigniter and you are thinking about the best choice, update to Grocery CRUD Enterprise if:

  • You are thinking that it is possible for the project that you are working on to move to different framework (e.g. Laravel, Slim, Symfony... e.t.c.).
  • It is important for you or your customers to have faster edits/adds/delete... e.t.c. with AJAX calls without the need of a refresh
  • You will probably use a database connection other than mySQL.
  • You want to use some new features of Enterprise. For example you would like to have the columns visibility for the end user (to show or hide columns) or the Extended Filter functionality that you can have multiple filters for your query
  • You need to use multiple grids into one page.
  • At the future you are thinking to separate the JavaScript HTML code from the PHP code. As Grocery CRUD Enterprise works independently as an API, you can use the backend calls into a different server and all the JavaScript/HTML/CSS to a different server (and also cache it). This is also optimising the rendering time of the HTML.

In other words, I don't think that it is required to go to Grocery CRUD Enterprise if you are not thinking about having something from the above features. Of course the code is more clean and take benefits of all the new trends (like ReactJS, Zend Framework 2, ES6... e.t.c.) but I think for the end-user point of view the functionality matters most right? :)

Once you buy Grocery CRUD Enteprise, you will receive an email with two downloadable zip files (one with composer installation and one without). You will also have access at the User's page that you can see all the new updates that Enterprise version will have. Usually the email is coming instantly. In case it is delayed, please check your spam folders. If the email wasn't sent after one hour, please contact us to and we will try to solve your problem asap.

Great pricing for everyone

Even if you are a small business or an individual there will be a good pricing for you. Choose what fits better to you


Developers: 1

Websites: up to 5

Free Updates: 2 years


Best Value

Small Business

Developers: up to 5

Websites: up to 50

Free Updates: 2 years




Developers: > 10

Websites: > 100

Free Updates: 2 years

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