Grocery CRUD 2021

2020 didn't went as expected but this didn't stop us to actively develop Grocery CRUD! The 2021 roadmap with all the plans that we have for the year is here. Enjoy!

Below I have a list of my priorities for the product for 2021:

As you may have noticed we have a new website that currently lives into its own domain. Our main goal is for 2021 to have this website as the main one and the older version to probably live into a sub-folder

Grocery CRUD has been through a very long trip. So far it has been 10+ years of being publicly available (version 1 was firstly released on 28th of December 2010). Although I am very proud of creating such a wonderful library and still being able to give the most part as open-source, there was always a confusion with the versions literally started from the very beginning back on 2010 when I was trying to explain what is the difference between the version 1.x and 0.x.

The main reason for that was that Grocery CRUD was coupled with Codeigniter and jQuery versions and its still very difficult to handle all the different versions of Codeigniter plus the themes plus the Enterprise version. So my plan for 2021 is to create a brand-new version (version 3) that it will be decoupled from Codeigniter and jQuery. We are very close of doing that as Grocery CRUD Enterprise is already decoupled from Codeigniter and we "just" need to get rid of jQuery!

The main difference of version 3 will be that there will be an open-source framework agnostic version with let's say 80% of the features enabled and the other 20% of the features will be on Enterprise version.

Let's cross our fingers 🤞 and see how 2021 will go.

Disclaimer: The current list is a plan of what I have as a plan to deliver for 2021 as a mini-roadmap of 2021. The achievement of these goals has complicated factors and planning on 2021 is kind of odd anyway! (remember 2020?) So please treat the list of features and improvement as a to-do list rather than a contract!

Jan 01, 2021 by John Skoubourdis