Grocery CRUD v3

As you may have already seen, I've written a blog post about 2022 plans. As with every plan that I had so far - although I am achieving my very minimum goals - a lot of unexpected things is happening during the year that I can't predict. This year was no different!

Grocery CRUD v3 is a complete rewrite of the Grocery CRUD frontend with some small changes at the PHP part. That's all really! All new and shiny in the frontend but almost nothing changed on the PHP code 🎩🪄🐰.

I've decided to rewrite the frontend not just of the shake of it but because I had to do it. Below you can see a list of the reasons why:

To give you an idea of how much work this was involving. The results of my time-tracking tool are as follows. I've spent 80% of my time entirely just for the new version. This took much more time than I expected.

Time tracking graph

I repeat... it took me 1 year by working almost every single day (weekends and all!) with the initial plan to "just" remove the dependency to jQuery. It looked easy until I tried it! Or, as a famous chess player said 🥲:

I was completely winning. If I don't kill myself tonight, I will live for a thousand years!

Ivan Sokolov

But there are good news. I'm happy to announce that Grocery CRUD Enterprise version 3 is finally ready for the first BETA version! Something that I haven't thought about is how this version will be released, so I am working on it now as a priority. As you may understand from my timings this may take another couple of months, as the whole team is just.... me 😀

So somewhere around January 2023 or hopefully earlier, I will release the first BETA version of Grocery CRUD Enterprise version 3. Stay tuned!

My first step will be to release it to the website as a demo so people can start using it. At first, you may not notice any difference and this is on purpose. Keep in mind that this is a complete rewrite. All the frontend code is new. So if you literally don't understand the difference then that is a good thing 😀.

At the demo we will be showing off 4 new features:

*and not sure if they will make it for version 3

Nov 01, 2022 by John Skoubourdis