Grocery CRUD version 3 stable

Grocery CRUD has come a long way since its initial release, and with the latest version 3, it's more stable than ever before. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the new features and improvements in version 3, as well as what to expect in the future.

The current version of Grocery CRUD Enterprise is now stable and ready for production use. I've worked hard to iron out any bugs and issues, ensuring that the software is reliable and easy to use. With this release, installing and upgrading the software is now smoother and more straightforward, thanks to the improved installation guides and documentation.

The latest version of Grocery CRUD Enterprise comes with a new installation wizard that simplifies the process of installing the library. The wizard guides users through every step of the installation process, making it easier for new users to get started and for existing users to upgrade their installations.


The new installation wizard helps eliminate potential errors or confusion during the setup process, reducing the overall time required to get the library up and running. Try the new installation wizard and experience the convenience and simplicity of setting up Grocery CRUD Enterprise for your next project 🤗

Grocery CRUD version 3 is providing users a smaller feedback loop by introducing:

  1. An installation wizard. This makes the feedback more straight forward since the user can specify the step where the issue is happening.
  2. Faster releases of newer versions (even multiple releases per day). In short, the more frequent releases, the faster we can get our feedback 😀.
  3. Separating the frontend code from the backend code to make it easier for the library to get extended and have any implementation at the frontend. Although the frontend source code still lacks documentation on how to extend it, this is one of the main scopes of the new version. The separation of the frontend helps to identify the issues at the core since we can now separate the problem.

Overall, a smaller feedback loop is better for your needs as a user because it enables the product to be more responsive to your specific feedback, leading to faster product improvements and a better overall experience tailored to you.

In addition to stability improvements, version 3 of Grocery CRUD also introduces several new features that users have been asking for. These features include:

Grocery CRUD version 3 release is just the beginning. In the future, we plan to add more improvements to the library, including:

Grocery CRUD version 3 is a significant milestone, and represents a major step forward in terms of stability, reliability, and functionality. We hope you've enjoyed this brief overview of the latest version of Grocery CRUD. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the future. As always, we appreciate your support and feedback 🤗

Apr 02, 2023 by John Skoubourdis