requiredCloneFields(array $fields)

The requiredCloneFields method is a variant of the requiredFields method, adapted for the clone form. It confirms that the user has populated certain fields during the cloning operation.

requiredCloneFields enables you to define fields that are required only when duplicating existing entries. This method will show a star next to the field name, indicating that it is obligatory when cloning an entry.

The usage is as simple as passing an array of the database field names that are required for the clone form. For example:

$crud->requiredCloneFields(['first_name', 'last_name'])

⚠️ Important: When using requiredCloneFields, it's crucial to also use requiredAddFields or else server-side validation will not work . This is because the clone form, upon pressing the "Save changes" button, performs an "Insert" operation. Therefore, to ensure proper validation for clone fields (which are later used to insert data), requiredAddFields must be used.

Here's a detailed example:

$crud->setSubject('Customer', 'Customers');
$crud->displayAs('customerName', 'Name');
$crud->displayAs('contactLastName', 'Last Name');

// In order to make the clone form fields required, we need to use requiredCloneFields and requiredAddFields
$crud->requiredCloneFields(['customerName', 'contactLastName', 'contactFirstName']);
$crud->requiredAddFields(['customerName', 'contactLastName', 'contactFirstName']);

$output = $crud->render();

In this example, if you try to clone a customer without providing values for 'customerName', 'contactLastName', or 'contactFirstName', the form will alert you to fill in these fields.