setDatagridButton(string $label, string $iconName, string $url[, boolean $newTab = false[, string $position = 'top-left']])

setDatagridButton is used to add a button to the datagrid. The button can be positioned on the top or on the bottom of the datagrid. The function has the below arguments:

  1. label is the label that the button will have. For example "Export to CSV"
  2. iconName is the name of the icon that the button will have. We are using the icons font-awesome from font awesome v5. For example "file-csv"
  3. url is the URL that the button will redirect to when clicked. Keep in mind that this URL is static.
  4. newTab is a boolean (true or false). The default value is false. This is used in case you need to open the link in a new tab
  5. position is the position of the button in the datagrid. The default value is 'top-left'. You can set this to 'top-right', 'bottom-left', or 'bottom-right' depending on where you want the button to appear.

You can see an example of the setDatagridButton below:

$crud->setDatagridButton('Add Customer', 'plus', '', false, 'top-right');

A full working example can be found below:

$crud->setSubject('Employee', 'Employees');

// The below code is just to show you how to use the datagrid button at the demo page. 
$crud->setDatagridButton('Add Office', 'plus', '#add-office-mock');

// A better real-world example would be the below line:
// $crud->setDatagridButton('Add Office', 'external-link-alt', '', true);

You can see the result of the above code at the below datagrid. In order to see the functionality of the datagrid button, click the button in the top-left corner of the datagrid. You will notice that the button "Add office" will not work because it is just a mock button. You can see though that the button has added the #add-office-mock at the top of this page. Of course using this function will redirect you to the URL that you have set at a normal usage.