fieldTypeEditForm(string $fieldName, string|ModelFieldType $fieldType)

This function is used for cases that you need to change the field type but only for the edit/update form. You can choose any field type from the list of field types.

Any of the of the below 2 examples have the exact same results:

$crud->fieldTypeEditForm('birth_date_year', GroceryCrud::FIELD_TYPE_NUMERIC);


$crud->fieldTypeEditForm('birth_date_year', 'numeric');

You can also use the ModelFieldType object as an input. For example:

// ModelFieldType is only available on Grocery CRUD Enterprise
// Add the below code at the beginning of the file
use GroceryCrud\Core\Model\ModelFieldType;
// At your code
$myField = new ModelFieldType();

$crud->fieldTypeEditForm('birth_date_year', $myField);