requiredAddFields(array $fields)

The requiredAddFields method is a specialized version of the requiredFields method, designed specifically for the insert form. It checks whether the user has provided values for certain fields during the insert operation.

By using requiredAddFields, you can specify fields that are mandatory only when adding new entries. This method offers the following features:

  1. An asterisk is displayed next to the field name, indicating that it is required when adding a new entry.
  2. Client-side validation is performed, alerting the user to fill in the required field before the data is sent to the server.
  3. Server-side validation is also in place, serving as a fallback if the client-side validation is bypassed for any reason.

The usage is straightforward. Simply pass an array of the database field names that are required for the insert form. For instance:

$crud->requiredAddFields(['first_name', 'last_name'])

Here's a complete example:

$crud->setSubject('Customer', 'Customers');
$crud->displayAs('customerName', 'Name');
$crud->displayAs('contactLastName', 'Last Name');

// A real case example where you need to have some fields required to add 
// form but the user can't edit them later.
$crud->readOnlyEditFields(['customerName', 'contactLastName', 'contactFirstName']);

$crud->requiredAddFields(['customerName', 'contactLastName', 'contactFirstName']);

$output = $crud->render();

In this example, if you attempt to add a new customer without providing values for 'customerName', 'contactLastName', or 'contactFirstName', the form will prompt you to fill in these fields.